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Decca SLK 16 771-P (de)

Decca / Ex Libris 25176

LP Decca SLK 16 771-P [de]
1. Old Time Religion
2. Malaika
3. Lovely Day
4. She's Really Something Else
5. Old Cotton Wheel
6. Tell Me Why
7. Jennifer Adam
8. Rock Candy Mountain
9. Pass Me By
10. That What He Calls Love
11. Wouldn't She Be Nice
12. Mexico

The Les Humphries SingersThe Les Humphries Singers: Discographie / Fan werden
(We'll Fly You To The) Promised Land
12 Men
2000 Years
20th Century Boy / Reeling In The Years / Lonely Kinda Man (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
29. Church Street
A Friend My Friend
Accapulco Bay
Adios, auf Wiedersehen
All Of The People
Amazing Grace
American Pie / Your Time My Time / Don't Go Down To Reno (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
American Woman / The Seeker / Rock My Soul (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Angels Who Can't Bear To Sing
Angie / Londonderry Lady / Killing Me Softly With His Song (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Another Day / Brown Sugar / Little Brown Man (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Any Other Time
Back On Tour Again
Ball Of Confusion / Jimmy Be Bad / Future Blues (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Battersea Park
Beautiful Sunday / Inflation / Samson And Delilah (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Before The Sun Goes Down
Beg, Steal Or Borrow / Cup Of Tea (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Believe In The Words Of The Lord
Black Night / Woman I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Black Pearl / Ra-Ta-Ta / Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Blowin' In The Wind
Bony Maronie / Jambalaya / Jenny Jenny (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Bucket Of Sweat
Can The Can / 48 Crash / Wizard (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Captain Rasman
Carnival / Square Dance / Kentucky Dew (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Carry On
Carry That Weight / Travellin' Man / Keep Knockin' (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Cast Your Fate To The Wind (Les Humphries)
Cecilia / Mandrake / Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him, Goodbye (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Check It Out
Children Of The Revolution / Now We're Alone At Last / Yes My Lord (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep / She's A Lady / Coconut Man (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Clair / Picture Book Story / Every Summer (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Classical Gas (Les Humphries)
Coat Of Blue
Come On Feel The Noise / Breaking Me Up / Herbie Knows How (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Country Folk
Crunchy Granola Suite / Love Really Hurts Without You / Georgie (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Dance Dance Dance
Dancing Queen (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Danny Boy
Day After Day
Dem Bones
Der Star
Derrick (Orchester Les Humphries)
Do I Kill You
Do You Kill Me Or Do I Kill You
Do You Wanna Rock And Roll?
Doesn't Seem To Have An End
Down At Scarborough (Les Humphries)
Dr. Cooper
Ela-ela / Popcorn / Ding Dong Bell (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Elected / Burning Love / I Think We've Had Enough (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Everything I Need
Family Show
Fantasia impromptu (Les Humphries)
Father O'Flynn
Fesch - cool (Seer mit Les Humphries Singers)
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover / River Lady (A Little Goodbye) / You're The Reason Why (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Fool On The Hill
Forty Days, Forty Nights
Get Down / Yellow Boomerang / Johnny Is Sleeping (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Get It On / The Whitch-Queen Of New Orleans / Co-co (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Given The Chance
God Made America
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Going Home
Goodbye My Love, Goodbye / April's Dream / Boogie Man (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Gospel Train
Great Balls Of Fire / Back Side Of The Road / Saints (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Guy On The Loose
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again / You Must Be Jokin' / Head It On Down (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Hello, Hello / Sweet, Sweet Suzi Q. / Shine Machine (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
He's Got Feelings (Les Humphries And Friends)
Hey Joe
Hey Willy / Kentucky Woman / Take Care Of Me (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Hey, Ho, Hello
Hey, Mr. Smith
Hot Love / Bottle Of Wine / White Bread (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
I Am ... I Said / Love Story / Butterfly (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
I Believe
I Can Tell
I Never Really Did Like Country Music Anyway
I Wanna Know
I, Of Course, Replied / I Love To Love / No Woman, No Cry (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
I.O.I.O. / Soul Brother Clifford / Peace March (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
If I Had A Hammer
I'm From The South, I'm From Ge-o-orgia
I'm Getting Out
I'm The Leader Of The Game (I Am) / Never Mind What Your Mama Said / Herbie Can't Help It (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Indian War
Irish Lady
It Must Be You (Les Humphries)
It's A Bluesiful Day
It's Timex Time
Jailhouse Rock / I Don't Need Your Loving / Proud Mary (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Jennifer Adam
Jesus Christ / It Don't Come Easy / I'm Going Home (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Jesus Cried On The Day That He Died
Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Jesus, Joseph And Peter
Jingle Bells
Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho
Just My Way Of Life (Les Humphries And Friends)
Just Sit Down At The Old Piano
Just Want To Taste Your Wine / People Like You And People Like Me / Che gama (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Kansas City
Kansas City / Little Green Train / Wendy (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Kentucky Dew
Lay Down / Black Winter / El condor pasa (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Left Behind
Let It Be / I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Let Your Love Flow / More, More More / A Glass Of Champagne (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Light My Fire / Sugar Sugar (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Listen To The Rain
Little Brown Man
Little Green Train
Little Sparrow
Little Things
Little Town Of Bethlehem
Live For Today
Living My Life
London Town
Lonely Kinda Man
Lonely Soldier
Long Distance Lady
Long Tall Sally / Good Golly Miss Molly / Back In The U.S.S.R. (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Loose Threads
Lost In His Wonderland
Lot Of Muddy Water
Love One Another
Love The One You're With
Lovely Day
Lucille / Rock Around The Clock / Herbie Knows How (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Mama Knows (The Les Humphries Singers feat. Jean Ridge)
Mama Loo
Mama Loo (Les Humphries Singers Reunion)
Mama Loo / Dem Bones / I'm From The South, I'm From Ge-o-orgia (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Mama Loo / Rolls Royce Body / Do You Wanna Rock And Roll? (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Mama Was A Loser
Mama Weer All Crazee Now / I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock And Roll) / Come Along Girl (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Mama, Papa / Do Do It / What Do I Do (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Mamy Blue / Maggie May / Here's To You (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Mandy's Dead (Les Humphries And Friends)
Marshall Wright
Mary Turn The Lamp Down Low
Mary Won't Come Back (Les Humphries And Friends)
Maybe Baby
Me And My Life / Lola / Neanderthal Man (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Mega-Remix '89 (Les Humphries Singers)
Melting Pot
Mexico (Remix)
Mother Remember
Motherless Child
Mouldy Old Dough / I've Seen You Walking / Wig Wam Bam (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Movie Star
Music / Fallen Angel / December 1963 (Oh, What A Night) (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Natural Man
Natural Sinner / The Witch / Michael (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Never Again
Never Before / Shot From The Gun / Sky Rocket Roll (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Never Ending Song Of Love / Si-si-si-señorita / Uncle Albert (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
New Orleans
No Matter What / Little Lady / We Are Goin' Down Jordan (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
O Come All Ye Faithful
O, Didn't It Rain
Oh Happy Day
Oh Happy Day (Les Humphries)
Old Black Joe
Old Cotton Wheel
Old Man Moses
Old Man Moses / Goodness Gracious / Sing Hallelujah (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Old People
Old Time Religion
One Of These Days
Ooh Baby / Jimmy Come Lately / The Free Electric Band (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Palma, Palma, Palma, Mallorca
Part Of The Union / Singapore Song / Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Pasadena Town
Pass Me By
Piano Concerto (Les Humphries)
Picture Book Story
Pilky's Town (Les Humphries And Friends)
Play Me A Song
Poppa Joe / How Do You Do / Mexico (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Power To All Our Friends / Low Down Woman / Hell Raiser (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Power To The People / Doctor Doctor / Joy To The World (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Put Your Hand In The Hand / Che sarà / Christina (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Rainbow / Feeling My Way / Lookin' Out My Back Door (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Ramba Samba
Ramsey's Back (Les Humphries)
Resurrection Shuffle
Resurrection Shuffle / Rosetta / Immigrant Song (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Ring The Living Bell / Long Tall Woman / That's What He Calls Love (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Rock Candy Mountain
Rock My Soul
Rocket Man / Old Cotton Wheel / She's Really Something Else (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Roll Over Beethoven / Johnny B. Goode / Let Me Tell You Baby (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Rolls Royce Body
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town / You're Such A Good Looking Woman / In The Summertime (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Run Baby Run
Same Thing Happens Again (Les Humphries And Friends)
Semolina (Les Humphries)
She's Really Something Else
Silent Night, Holy Night
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Sang Song
Singapore Song
Sloop John B.
Slow Down
Someone Else To Pray For
Something / (Say Long To Be) Close To You (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Something I Saw
Soolaimón / Cracklin' Rosie / A Song Of Joy (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Soul Brother Jesus
Sounds Of Silence
Spanish Discotheque
Spanish Harlem / Red, White & Blue / (Is This The Way To) Amarillo (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Spirit In The Sky / Summertime Blues / Proud Mary (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Spirit Of Freedom
Square Dance
Sunday Morning Whiskey
Sunshine / Anna Marianna / Never Marry A Railroad Man (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Sweet Hitch-Hiker / I'll See You There Today / Look At Yourself (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Sylvia (Les Humphries And Friends)
Sylvia's Mother
Sylvia's Mother / Bottoms Up / Slowly (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Take A Little Time
Take Care Of Me
Tell Me Why
That What He Calls Love
The Ballroom Blitz / Busy Cat / I Wanna Go Home (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
The Clapping Song
The First Noel
The Frog (Les Humphries)
The Leader Of The Pack / Girls, Girls, Girls / I Am (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
The Same Thing Happens Again
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
The Writing Is On The Wall
This Old Man
This Ole House
Ticket To A Oneway Station
To Love Somebody
To My Father's House
Tonight's The Night / Save Your Kisses For Me / My Little World (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Top Szene Hamburg
Try For A Little While (Les Humphries And Friends)
Tutti Frutti / Rock & Roll Music / Rockin' Robin (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
U.S. Cavalry
Up Around The Bend / My Baby Loves Lovin' / Yellow River (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Up, Up And Away (Les Humphries)
Walk Right In
War / Niagara / Paranoid (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Wayward Man (Les Humphries And Friends)
We Are Family (Les Humphries Singers Reunion)
We Are Goin' Down Jordan
We Three Friends
When The Saints Go Marchin' In
Which Ever Way
White Bread
White Christmas
Whole Lotta Love Comin' On
Wichita Lineman (Les Humphries)
Wishful Thinking
With Or Without
Won't Someone Tell Me
Wouldn't She Be Nice
Yes We Can (Les Humphries Singers)
Yes We Have No Loving
You Keep Me Hangin' On
You'll Regret It (Les Humphries And Friends)
You're So Vain / It Never Rains In Southern California / Guy On The Loose (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
20 Golden Hits
20 Grössten Hits
Back In Time (Les Humphries Singers Reunion)
Come And Join Us
Die 20 größten Hits
Disco Dancing (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Family Show
Forever Young (Les Humphries Singers)
Goin' Down Jordan
Golden Hits
Golden Hits [2013]
Greatest Hits - Das Beste
Greatest Hits - Mexico
Hits Of Yesterday
I Believe
Just My Way Of Life (Les Humphries And Friends)
Kansas City
Les Humphries Singers
Live 1971-1975 - Live At The Olympia Paris & Musikhalle Hamburg
Live For Today
Live In Concert
Live In Europe (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Mama Loo
Mexico [Universe]
Old Man Moses
One Of These Days
Original Album Series
Original Album Series Vol. 2
Party On The Rocks (The Les Humphries Singers + Orchestra)
Rock My Soul
Rock 'n' Roll Party (The Les Humphries Singers And Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Seasons Greetings
Sing Sang Song
Singing Detonation (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Singing Explosion (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Singing Kaleidoscope (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Singing Revolution (Orchestra And Chorus Les Humphries)
Singing Rotation (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Sound '73 (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Sound '73/II (The Les Humphries Singers & Orchestra)
Sound '74 (The Les Humphries Singers & Rhythm-Orchestra)
Spirit Of Freedom
Spirituals (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Super Star Sound - Piano Concerto (Les Humphries)
Take Care Of Me
The Best Of
The Best Of The Les Humphries Singers
The Golden World Of The Les Humphries Singers
The Les Humphries Singers
The Les Humphries Singers (Fono-Ring Im Christophorus-Verlag)
The Platinum Collection
The World Of The Les Humphries Singers
These Are The Les Humphries Singers
We Are Going Down Jordan
We'll Fly You To The Promised Land
10 To 23 (José Feliciano)
12 Songs Of Christmas
24 Goldene Film-Melodien (Klaus Wunderlich)
26 Melodien die man nie vergißt (Klaus Wunderlich)
28 Happy Hits 1969 (Jerry Wilton)
A Man Without Love (Engelbert)
A Salute To The Kings Of Swing (Die Werner Müller Big Band)
Aftermath & Out Of Time (Rolling Stones)
Aida (Oper / Giuseppe Verdi)
Al Hirt [RCA / Ex Libris] (Al Hirt)
Anatevka [Deutsche Originalaufnahme] (Musical)
And Frank & Nancy (Frank Sinatra)
Antonin Dvorak: Symphonie Nr. V e-Moll "Aus der neuen Welt" (Wiener Philharmoniker)
Arien von Händel, Gounod, Delibes, Meyerbeer (Joan Sutherland)
Arm in Arm mit Dir! (Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten)
Auf silbernen Spuren (Original Oberkrainer Avsenik)
Auslese 67
Avsenik (Das Original Oberkrainer Quintett)
Beethoven: Frühlings-Sonate / Kreutzer-Sonate (Rubinstein / Szeryng)
Beethoven: Klavierkonzert Nr. 3 (Wilhelm Backhaus)
Beethoven: Sonate Nr. 17 d-Moll / Sonate Nr. 12 As-Dur (Wilhelm Backhaus)
Beethoven-Sonaten (Artur Rubinstein)
Befour (Brian Auger & The Trinity)
Beggars Banquet (The Rolling Stones)
Berühmte Filmmelodien Schlager und Musicals (Mantovani)
Berühmte Opernchöre
Bizet: Carmen (Querschnitt) (Wiener Philharmoniker / Herbert von Karajan)
Blue Sidney Bechet (Sidney Bechet)
Cembalo-Konzerte (Leonhardt-Consort)
Country, Western, Hillbilly
Dancing In The Moonlight (Norman Candler And His Magic Strings)
Das Goldene Udo Jürgens Album (Udo Jürgens)
Das Schönste von Slavko Avsenkik und seinem Original Oberkrainer Quintett (Slavko Avsenik und seine Original Oberkrainer)
Das Willy Schneider Wunsch-Konzert (Willy Schneider)
Die Fledermaus (Operette / Johann Strauß)
Die grosse Operetten- & Musical-Revue (Peter Minich)
Die Hochzeit des Figaro (Oper / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Die Original Egerländer Musikanten (Die Original Egerländer Musikanten)
Die Wiener Sängerknaben singen Johann Strauss (Die Wiener Sängerknaben)
Don Giovanni (Oper / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Du bist die Welt für mich
Ein festlicher Abend mit Hermann Prey (Hermann Prey)
Elvis - Golden Boy (Elvis Presley)
Entertainer N°1 (Sammy Davis, Jr.)
Fleetwood Mac [1969] (Fleetwood Mac)
Flowers (The Rolling Stones)
Folksongs (Die City Preachers)
Frank Sinatra [Reprise] (Frank Sinatra)
Franz Schubert: Forellen-Quintett (Clifford Curzon)
Frohe Stunden mit den Original Oberkrainern (Original Oberkrainer)
G.F. Händel: Händel (Osian Ellis / Desmond Dupré / Thurston Dart)
Georg Philipp Telemann: Tafelmusik (Concerto Amsterdam)
Giuditta / Das Land des Lächelns (Operette / Franz Lehár)
Giuseppe di Stefano singt Opernarien (Giuseppe di Stefano)
Golden Hits (Dionne Warwick)
Golden Trumpet Golden Hits (Horst Fischer / Orchester Werner Müller)
Halt mich fest (Hildegard Knef)
Hammond For Millions (Klaus Wunderlich)
Hammond Gala (Klaus Wunderlich)
Hammondpops (Klaus Wunderlich)
Hammondpops - 28 Hits On Parade (Klaus Wunderlich)
Hamp's Golden Favorites (Lionel Hampton)
Händel: Orgelkonzerte (Karl Richter und sein Kammerorchester)
Hans Albers (Hans Albers)
Hans Knappertsbusch / Die Wiener Philharmoniker (Hans Knappertsbusch / Die Wiener Philharmoniker)
Happy Glahé (Will Glahé)
Happy Hofbräuhaus (Jo Ment's Happy Sound)
Haydn: Cellokonzert C-Dur / Schumann: Fünf Stücke im Volkston (Mstislaw Rostropowitsch / Benjamin Britten)
Heintje (Heintje)
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass (Herb Alpert)
Heute (Mantovani)
His Way In Swing And Sweet (Frank Sinatra)
Hitparade '69
Igor Strawinsky: Pulcinella (Orchestre de la Suisse Romande)
Il était une fois dans l'ouest / Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod / C'era una volta il west (Ennio Morricone)
Im Land der Operette (Rudolf Schock)
International Hit Parade
Internationale Hitparade (Mantovani)
Internationale Star & Schlager Parade
Jean Ferrat (Jean Ferrat)
Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight (Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight)
John Mayall (John Mayall)
Knef Concert (Hildegard Knef)
Konzert (Wiener Philharmoniker)
La Montanara (Der Original Trientiner Bergsteigerchor)
Lieder der Berge (Coro Cortina)
Live At The Talk Of The Town (Caterina Valente)
Los Machucambos (Los Machucambos)
Louis And The Good Book (Louis Armstrong)
Lustige Musikanten
Magic Strings (Norman Candler)
Mantovani Plays Gipsy (Mantovani)
Mantovani spielt Evergreens (Mantovani)
Mantovani-Filmmelodien (Mantovani)
Mario Del Monaco (Mario Del Monaco)
Mario Lanza (Mario Lanza)
Max Bruch: Violinkonzert Nr. 1 g-Moll / Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Violinkonzert e-Moll (Jascha Heifetz)
Mein Lied für Dich (Udo Jürgens)
Meine Lieder (Willy Schneider)
Mexico (The Les Humphries Singers)
Misa Flamenca En Sevilla
Mit Polka und Walzer um die Welt (Slavko Avsenik und seine Original Oberkrainer)
Mozart spielt zum Tanz auf (Wiener Mozart-Ensemble / Willy Boskovsky)
Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik / Sechs deutsche Tänze - Dvorak: Slawische Tänze / Die Moldau (Bamberger Symphoniker)
Mud Slide Slim (James Taylor)
My Famous Songs (Engelbert)
Nancy & Lee (Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood)
Nicolai Ghiaurov singt berühmte Bass-Arien (Nicolai Ghiaurov)
Non Stop Western Party mit dem Orchester Robert Last (Robert Last)
Nur Liebe zählt (Jürgen Marcus)
Olé (Edmundo Ros)
Oliver (Soundtrack / Lionel Bart)
Olympiade in Musik (Slavko Avsenik und seine Original Oberkrainer)
Opera Happening (Klaus Wunderlich)
Original Oberkrainer Quintett Avsenik (Original Oberkrainer Quintett Avsenik)
Originalaufnahmen (Glenn Miller)
Peter Anders (Peter Anders)
Peter Nero (Peter Nero)
Play Bach [25033] (Jacques Loussier)
Play Bach 5 (Jacques Loussier Trio)
Pops Go Trumpet (The Tattoos)
Pride Of Country Music [Ex Libris] (Charley Pride)
Renata Tebaldi (Renata Tebaldi)
Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones)
Satchmo (Louis Armstrong)
Schlager-Rendezvous mit Peter Alexander (Peter Alexander)
Schlager-Rendezvous mit Peter Alexander (2. Folge) (Peter Alexander)
Schöne Stunden mit Rudolf Schock (Rudolf Schock)
Serenata (Werner Müller und sein Orchester)
Servus Wien (Peter Minich)
Silk And Velvet (Kookie Freeman)
Sound 2000 (Klaus Wunderlich)
Sound von heute für junge Leute (Manuela & Drafi)
Spirituals (The Les Humphries Singers And Orchestra)
Stereo Dancing
Stereo Dancing 2
Stimmung - 89 Lieder zum Mitsingen und Fröhlichsein
Suppé-Ouvertüren (Wiener Philharmoniker / Georg Solti)
Surf Beat Fun (The Beach Boys)
The Benny Goodman Story (Mr. Benny Goodman)
The Best Of The Archies [1969] (The Archies)
The Best Of The Beat (The Rolling Stones)
The Breeze And I (Martin Böttcher)
The Greatest Hits (Frank Sinatra)
The Man I Love (Hildegard Knef)
The Ted Heath Orchestra Plays Glenn Miller (The Ted Heath Orchestra)
Their Satanic Majesties Request (The Rolling Stones)
Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Ella Fitzgerald)
Tschaikowsky: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 1 b-Moll, op. 23 (Van Cliburn)
Unvergängliche Melodien
W.A. Mozart: Exsultate jubilate (Agnes Giebel / Wiener Akademie Kammerchor / Wiener Symphoniker)
W.A. Mozart: Hornkonzerte Nr. 1-4 (Barry Tuckwell / Londoner Symphonie-Orchester)
We Made It Happen (Engelbert)
Weihnachten mit den Wiener Sängerknaben (Wiener Sängerknaben)
Werner Müller (Werner Müller)
Werner Müller im Original Glenn Miller Sound (Werner Müller)
Western Folk
What's New - Mr. Trumpet (Roy Etzel)
Wien und der Wein (Ernst Mosch und seine Original Egerländer Musikanten)
Wiener G'schichten (Peter Alexander)
Will Glahé spielt seine Welterfolge (Willi Glahé)
Winifred Atwell (Winifred Atwell)
Wir sind die Egerländer Musikanten (Egerländer Musikanten)
Wir sind jung, die Welt ist offen (Renate und Werner Leismann)
Worum geht's hier eigentlich? (Hilde Knef)
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Bei uns ihr erfolgreichstes Album, in D #2
Zuletzt editiert: 18.02.2011 08:33
Bin da möglicherweise leicht befangen, das war nämlich die allererste
Schallplatte, die ich in meinem Leben zu hören kriegte, damals noch im
zarten Alter von 4 Jährchen (unser Vater brachte uns jeweils von seinen
Geschäftsreisen im Ausland immer ein paar "heisse Scheiben" mit und
für einmal war's dann nicht der gute Heintje....all die buntgemischten
Menschen auf dem Cover, das war einfach verdammt interessant! :)

Aber auch ohne Erinnerungsbonus finde ich ein grosszügiges Aufrunden
hier durchaus gerechtfertigt....

Ganz knappe 5.

Zuletzt editiert: 17.11.2014 23:52
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