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Chrysalis CTY 1375

LP Chrysalis CTY 1375
LP 1:
1. Armed And Ready (Live)
2. Cry For The Nations (Live)
3. Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Live)
4. But I Want More (Live)
5. Victim Of Illusion (Live)
6. Into The Arena (Live)
7. On And On (Live)
8. Never Trust A Stranger (Live)
9. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Live)
10. Courvoisier Concerto (Live)
11. Lost Horizons (Live)
12. Doctor Doctor (Live)
13. Are You Ready To Rock (Live)
LP Back On Black RCV018LP / EAN 0803341325630
LP 1:
1. Introduction (Live)
2. Armed And Ready (Live)
3. Cry For The Nations (Live)
4. Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Live)
5. But I Want More (Live)
6. Victim Of Illusion (Live)
7. Into The Arena (Live)
LP 2:
1. On And On (Live)
2. Never Trust A Stranger (Live)
3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Live)
4. Tales Of Mystery (Live)
5. Courvoisier Concerto (Live)
6. Lost Horizons (Live)
7. Doctor Doctor (Live)
8. Are You Ready To Rock (Live)
CD Chrysalis 506051609023 / EAN 5060516090235

Michael Schenker GroupMichael Schenker Group: Discographie / Fan werden
Offizielle Seite
Michael SchenkerMichael Schenker: Discographie / Fan werden
A Night To Remember
After Midnight
Age Of Ice
All Shook Up
Angel Of Avalon
Are You Ready To Rock
Armed And Ready
Assault Attack
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
Back To Life
Because I Can
Big Deal
Bijou Pleasurette
Bitter Sweet
Blind Alley
Blinded By Technology
Blood Of The Sun
Brave New World
Break The Cycle
Broken Promises
But I Want More
Captain Nemo
City Lights
Come Closer
Courvoisier Concert
Cry For The Nations
Cry No More
Desert Song
Doctor Doctor
Don't Live Today
Down The Drain
Dreams Inside
Dust To Dust
End Of The Line
Eyes Of A Child
Fallen The Love
Fat City N.O.
Fatal Strike
Feels Like A Good Thing
Finding My Way
Forever And More
Get Up And Get Down
Girl From Uptown
Hair Of The Dog
Hello Angel
How Will You Get Back
Human Child
I Am The One
I Believe
I Want You
I Will Be There
I'm Gonna Make You Mine
I'm Not Talking
In And Out Of Time
Into The Arena
Journey Man
Just A Lover
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Life Goes On
Lights Out
Live For Today
Live Vacation
Looking For Love
Looking Out From Nowhere
Lost Horizons
Love Never Dies
Love Trade
My Time's Up
Na Na
Natural Thing
Never Trust A Stranger
No Turning Back
On And On
On Your Way
One World
Out In The Fields
Over Now
Pilot Of Your Soul
Ready To Rock
Red Sky
Reflection Of Your Heart
Revolution Mind
Ride On My Way
Rock And Roll Believer
Rock Bottom
Rock My Nights Away
Rock N'Roll
Rock Will Never Die (Walk The Stage)
Rock You To The Ground
Roll It Over
Rude Awakening
Run To The Hills
Sands Of Time
Save Yourself
Sea Of Memory
Searching For A Reason
Secondary Motion
Setting Sun
Shadow Lady
St. Ann
Standin' On The Road
Still Love That Little Devil
Sweet Cool Kiss Of The Night
Systems Failing
Take Me Through The Night
Tales Of Mystery
Tell A Story
The Cross Of Crosses
The Dogs Of War
The Mess I've Made
The Ride
The Storm
Time Waits (For No One)
Turning Off The Emotion
Victim Of Illusion
Voice Of My Heart
War Pigs
Wings Of Emotion
Written In The Sand
Assault Attack
Back To Attack Live
BBC Radio One Live In Concert
Be Aware Of Scorpions
Built To Destroy
By Invitation Only
Hard Rock Legends Vol. 2
Hardrock Legends Vol. 2 - Rockpalast
Heavy Hitters
In The Midst Of Beauty
Live & Loud
Live At Rockpalast - Hamburg 1981
Michael Schenker Group Live - The Unforgiven World Tour
One Night At Budokan
Revolution Mind [EP]
Rock Power Documentary
Rock Will Never Die
Tales Of Rock 'N' Roll
The Michael Schenker Group
The Michael Schenker Story Live
The Unforgiven
Written In The Sand
[Untitled] MS 2000 - BonusTrack
A Night To Remember (The Michael Schenker Group)
A Night To Remember (Michael Schenker Group)
Aardvark In A VW Smoking A Cigar
Acceptance And Forgiveness
Achtung Fertig, Los
After Midnight (Michael Schenker Group)
Age Of Ice (Michael Schenker Group)
Alive (Michael Schenker Group)
All Of My Life (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
All Our Yesterdays (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
All Shook Up (Michael Schenker feat. Joe Lynn Turner)
All Shook Up (Michael Schenker Group)
Anchors Away (Michael Schenker Fest / Doogie White)
Angel Of Avalon (Michael Schenker Group)
Another Melody (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Anytime (McAuley Schenker Group)
Arachnophobiac (Michael Schenker Group)
Are You Ready To Rock (Michael Schenker Group)
Armed And Ready (Michael Schenker Group)
Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group)
At The End Of The Day
Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Michael Schenker Group)
Back To Life (Michael Schenker Group)
Bad Boys (MSG)
Bad Boys (McAuley Schenker Group)
Because I Can (Michael Schenker Group)
Because You Lied (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Between You And Me
Big Deal (Michael Schenker Group)
Bijou Pleasurette (Michael Schenker Group)
Bitter Sweet (Michael Schenker Group)
Black Moon Rising (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Blind Alley (Michael Schenker Group)
Blinded By Technology (Michael Schenker Group)
Blood Of The Sun (Michael Schenker feat. Leslie West)
Blood Of The Sun (Michael Schenker Group)
Born To Overcome
Brave New World (Michael Schenker Group)
Break The Cycle (Michael Schenker Group)
Breakout (Michael Schenker Group)
Bridges We Have Burned (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Broken Promises (Michael Schenker Group)
Bulletproof (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
But I Want More (Michael Schenker Group)
Can't Live On Love Alone (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Captain Nemo (Michael Schenker Group)
City Lights (Michael Schenker Group)
Come Closer (Michael Schenker Group)
Communion (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Competition (Michael Schenker Group)
Courage And Confidence
Courvoisier Concert (Michael Schenker Group)
Crazy (McAuley Schenker Group)
Create And Let Go
Cry For The Nations (Michael Schenker Group)
Cry No More (Michael Schenker Group)
Dance For The Piper (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Dance Lady Gipsy (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Dancer (Michael Schenker Group)
Desert Song (Michael Schenker Group)
Destiny (McAuley Schenker Group)
Doctor Doctor (Michael Schenker feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
Doctor Doctor
Doctor Doctor (Michael Schenker Group)
Don't Live Today (Michael Schenker Group)
Don't Stop Me Now (McAuley Schenker Group)
Down The Drain (Michael Schenker Group)
Dreams Inside (Michael Schenker Group)
Dust To Dust (Michael Schenker Group)
El Grande (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Empty Glass (William Shatner feat. Michael Schenker)
End Of The Line (Michael Schenker Group)
Endless Possibilities
Escape From The Box
Essenz (Michael Schenker Group)
Eve (McAuley Schenker Group)
Everest (Michael Schenker Fest / Graham Bonnet)
Evermore (Michael Schenker Group)
Eyes Of A Child (Michael Schenker Group)
Faith (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Faith And Trust
Fallen Angel
Fallen The Love (Michael Schenker Group)
Far Beyond The Ocean
Fat City N.O. (Michael Schenker Group)
Fatal Strike (Michael Schenker Group)
Feels Like A Good Thing (Michael Schenker Group)
Fight For Freedom (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Finding My Way (Michael Schenker feat. Sebastian Bach)
Finding My Way (Michael Schenker Group)
Focus On Good
Follow The Night (McAuley Schenker Group)
Forever And More (Michael Schenker Group)
Freedom (Michael Schenker Group)
From Me With Love
Get Down To Bizness (McAuley Schenker Group)
Get Out (McAuley Schenker Group)
Get Up And Get Down (Michael Schenker Group)
Gimme Your Love (McAuley Schenker Group)
Gimme Your Love (MSG)
Girl From Uptown (Michael Schenker Group)
Good Times (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Hair Of The Dog (Michael Schenker feat. Paul DiAnno)
Hair Of The Dog (Michael Schenker Group)
Hand In Hand
Hangin' Out
Hanging On
Heart And Soul (Michael Schenker Fest / Robin McAuley)
Hello Angel (Michael Schenker Group)
Here Today-Gone Tomorrow (McAuley Schenker Group)
Horizons (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
How Long
How Will You Get Back (Michael Schenker Group)
Human Child (Michael Schenker Group)
Hungry (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
I Am Grateful
I Am Learning
I Am Sorry
I Am The One (Michael Schenker Group)
I Am Your Radio (McAuley Schenker Group)
I Believe (Michael Schenker Group)
I Can Tell (MSG)
I Don't Live Today (Michael Schenker feat. Sebastian Bach)
I Don't Wanna Lose (McAuley Schenker Group)
I Learn From You
I Want To Be With You
I Want You (Michael Schenker Group)
I Will Be There (Michael Schenker Group)
Icecream Man (Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker)
Illusion (Michael Schenker Group)
I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Michael Schenker Group)
I'm Not Talking (Michael Schenker Group)
I'm Not Talking (Michael Schenker feat. Mark Slaughter)
In And Out Of Time (Michael Schenker Group)
In Good Faith
Into The Arena (Michael Schenker Group)
Invincible (McAuley Schenker Group)
It's All About Love
It's Ok
It's Tuff But Possible
Journey Man (Michael Schenker Group)
Just A Lover (Michael Schenker Group)
Just Do It
Land Of Thunder (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Michael Schenker Group)
Let The Devil Scream (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Life Brings Me To You
Life Goes On (Michael Schenker Group)
Lights Out (Michael Schenker Group)
Live And Let Live (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Live For Today (Michael Schenker Group)
Live Vacation (Michael Schenker Group)
Livin' A Life Worth Livin' (Michael Schenker Fest / Gary Barden)
Lonely Nights (McAuley Schenker Group)
Looking For Love (Michael Schenker Group)
Looking Out From Nowhere (Michael Schenker Group)
Lord Of The Lost And Lonely (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Lost (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Lost Horizons (Michael Schenker Group)
Love And Kindness
Love Is Not A Game (McAuley Schenker Group)
Love Never Dies (Michael Schenker Group)
Love Trade (Michael Schenker Group)
Lover's Sinfony
Messin' Around (Michael Schenker Fest / Gary Barden)
Michael Schenker Junior
Miss Claustrophobia
Money (Michael Schenker feat. Tommy Shaw)
Money (Michael Schenker Group)
My Life With You
My Time's Up (Michael Schenker Group)
Na Na (Michael Schenker Group)
Natural Thing (Michael Schenker Group)
Neptune Rising (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Never Trust A Stranger (Michael Schenker Group)
Night Moods (Michael Schenker Fest / Graham Bonnet)
Night Of The Stare (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Nightmare (McAuley Schenker Group)
Nightmare (MSG)
No Time For Losers (McAuley Schenker Group)
No Turning Back (Michael Schenker Group)
Old Man With Sheep On Mars
On And On (Michael Schenker Group)
On Your Way (Michael Schenker Group)
One World (Michael Schenker Group)
Open And Willing
Open Gate
Our Journey
Out In The Fields (Michael Schenker feat. Gary Barden)
Out In The Fields (Michael Schenker Group)
Over Now (Michael Schenker Group)
Paradise (McAuley Schenker Group)
Patience And Tolerance
Pilot Of Your Soul (Michael Schenker Group)
Politician (Michael Schenker feat. Jeff Pilson)
Politician (Michael Schenker Group)
Positive Forward
Ready To Rock (Michael Schenker Group)
Red Sky (Michael Schenker Group)
Reflection Of My Soul
Reflection Of Your Heart (Michael Schenker Group)
Restless Heart (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Revolution Mind (Michael Schenker Group)
Ride On My Way (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock And Roll Believer (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock Bottom (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock City (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Rock My Nights Away (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock N Roll Symphony (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Rock N'Roll (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock 'Til You're Crazy (McAuley Schenker Group)
Rock Will Never Die (Walk The Stage) (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock You To The Ground (Michael Schenker Group)
Rockin' And Lovin'
Roll It Over (Michael Schenker Group)
Rude Awakening (Michael Schenker Group)
Run To The Hills (Michael Schenker Group)
Salvation (Michael Schenker Fest)
Samurai (Michael Schenker Group)
Sands Of Time (Michael Schenker Group)
Saturday Night
Save Yourself (Michael Schenker Group)
Save Yourself (McAuley Schenker Group)
Save Yourself (Michael Schenker feat. Robin McAuley)
Saviour Machine (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Scene Of Crime
Sea Of Memory (Michael Schenker Group)
Searching For A Reason (Michael Schenker Group)
Secondary Motion (Michael Schenker Group)
Setting Sun (Michael Schenker Group)
Shadow Lady (Michael Schenker Group)
Shadow Of The Night (McAuley Schenker Group)
Shine On (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Something Of The Night (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Sound Of Love
St. Ann (Michael Schenker Group)
Standin' On The Road (Michael Schenker Group)
Starting Over (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Still Love That Little Devil (Michael Schenker Group)
Storming In
Summerdays (Michael Schenker Group)
Sweet Cool Kiss Of The Night (Michael Schenker Group)
Systems Failing (Michael Schenker Group)
Take Me
Take Me Back (McAuley Schenker Group)
Take Me Through The Night (Michael Schenker Group)
Take Me To The Church (Michael Schenker Fest / Doogie White)
Tales Of Mystery (Michael Schenker Group)
Tell A Story (Michael Schenker Group)
Temple Of The Holy (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Thank You
The Big Picture And Its Details
The Creator
The Cross Of Crosses (Michael Schenker Group)
The Dogs Of War (Michael Schenker Group)
The End Of An Era
The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes (Michael Schenker Fest / Doogie White)
The Good Old Days
The Greatness In You
The Journey (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
The Last Supper (Michael Schenker Fest / Robin McAuley, Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Doogie White)
The Mess I've Made (Michael Schenker Group)
The Ride (Michael Schenker Group)
The Storm (Michael Schenker Group)
There Has To Be Another Way (McAuley Schenker Group)
This Broken Heart (McAuley Schenker Group)
This Is My Heart (McAuley Schenker Group)
This Night Is Gonna Last Forever (McAuley Schenker Group)
Three Fish Dancing
Time (McAuley Schenker Group)
Time Knows When It's Time (Michael Schenker Fest / Robin McAuley)
Time Waits (For No One) (Michael Schenker Group)
To Live For The King (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Tower (Michael Schenker Group)
Travelled So Far (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Turning Off The Emotion (Michael Schenker Group)
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Ulcer (Michael Schenker Group)
Vicious (McAuley Schenker Group)
Victim Of Illusion (Michael Schenker Group)
Vigilante Man (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Voice Of My Heart (Michael Schenker Group)
War Pigs
War Pigs (Michael Schenker feat. Tim "Ripper" Owens)
War Pigs (Michael Schenker Group)
Warrior (Michael Schenker Fest)
We Believe In Love (McAuley Schenker Group)
Weathervane (Michael Schenker Group)
Welcome Howl (The Michael Schenker Group)
What Happens To Me (McAuley Schenker Group)
What We Need (McAuley Schenker Group)
When I'm Gone (McAuley Schenker Group)
Where The Wild Winds Blow (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Wicked (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Wings Of Emotion (Michael Schenker Group)
Without You
Written In The Sand (Michael Schenker Group)
A Decade Of The Mad Axeman
Adventures Of The Imagination
Arachnophobiac (Michael Schenker Group)
Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group)
Back To Attack Live (Michael Schenker Group)
BBC Radio One Live In Concert (Michael Schenker Group)
Be Aware Of Scorpions (Michael Schenker Group)
Blood Of The Sun (Michael Schenker & Friends)
Bridge The Gap (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Built To Destroy (Michael Schenker Group)
By Invitation Only (Michael Schenker Group)
Fest - Live Tokyo International Forum Hall A
Gipsy Lady (Michael Schenker & Gary Barden)
Guitar Master - The Kulick Sessions
Hard Rock Legends Vol. 2 (Michael Schenker Group)
Hardrock Legends Vol. 2 - Rockpalast (Michael Schenker Group)
Heavy Hitters (Michael Schenker Group)
In The Midst Of Beauty (Michael Schenker Group)
Live & Loud (Michael Schenker Group)
Live At Rockpalast - Hamburg 1981 (Michael Schenker Group)
Live Together 2004 (Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker)
McAuley Schenker Group (McAuley Schenker Group)
Michael Schenker & Friends (Michael Schenker & Friends)
Michael Schenker Group Live - The Unforgiven World Tour (Michael Schenker Group)
MS 2000: Dreams And Expressions
MSG (McAuley Schenker Group)
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)
Nightmare - The Acoustic M.S.G. [EP] (McAuley Schenker Group)
On A Mission - Live In Madrid (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
One Night At Budokan (Michael Schenker Group)
Original Album Series (The Michael Schenker Group)
Perfect Timing (McAuley Schenker Group)
Resurrection (Michael Schenker Fest)
Revolution Mind [EP] (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock Power Documentary (Michael Schenker Group)
Rock Will Never Die (Michael Schenker Group)
Save Yourself (McAuley Schenker Group)
Spirit On A Mission (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Tales Of Rock 'N' Roll (Michael Schenker Group)
Temple Of Rock
Temple Of Rock - Live In Europe
Thank You
Thank You 2
Thank You 3
Thank You 4....
The 30th Anniversary Concert Live In Tokyo (The Michael Schenker Group)
The Best Of - 1980-1984 (The Michael Schenker Group)
The Chrysalis Years (1980-1984) (The Michael Schenker Group)
The Michael Schenker Group (Michael Schenker Group)
The Michael Schenker Story Live (Michael Schenker Group)
The Odd Trio
The Story Of Michael Schenker
The Unforgiven (Michael Schenker Group)
Unplugged "Live" (McAuley Schenker Group)
Walk The Stage - The Highlights (The Michael Schenker Group)
Walk The Stage - The Official Bootleg Box Set (The Michael Schenker Group)
Written In The Sand (Michael Schenker Group)
Fest - Live Tokyo International Forum Hall A
On A Mission - Live In Madrid (Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock)
Temple Of Rock - Live In Europe
The 30th Anniversary Concert Live In Tokyo (The Michael Schenker Group)
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 5.33 (Reviews: 3)
Nur die deutschen und englischen Reviews werden angezeigt: Alle anzeigen
5+. Eine der besten Live Hardrockalben überhaupt. Es enthält neben den Krachern der ersten beiden LP's auch noch den UFO-Klassiker Doctor Doctor. Erschienen 1981.
Ein absoluter Live Knaller aufgenommen am 12. August 1981 im Budokan in Tokyo.
Top Live Stimmung!
Mit Klassemusiker wie Cozy Powell, Schlagzeug und Chris Glenn, Bass (Ex-Alex Harvey Band) und seit dem letzten Studioalbum auch der Keyboarder Paul Raymond (Ex-Chicken Shack) (Ex-Savoy Brown).

Die Remastered Edition von 2009 enthält noch zwei zusätzliche Titel welche auf der Original Doppel LP damals keinen Platz fanden. Darunter das spektakuläre knapp 12 Min. Schlagzeug Solo von Cozy Powell.
Dieses Live Album hat einen hohen ähnliche Stellenwert wie das 1979 erschienene Live Album „Strangers In The Night“ von UFO und verdient deshalb das Prädikat „Sehr gut“ oder 6*.
Dieser Liveklassiker ist quasi das letzte grosse Schenker Album. Danach ging’s langsam, aber stetig bergab.
Schenker fräst hier, als gäbe es kein Morgen. Die Tracklist setzt sich fast ausschliesslich aus Songs der ersten beiden Studioalben zusammen.
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