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3:18China Beach - Music And MemoriesSBK
Katrina And The WavesKatrina And The Waves: Discographie / Fan werden
Eric BurdonEric Burdon: Discographie / Fan werden
Offizielle Seite
(A Man Only Needs) One Woman
23rd Psalm
Ain't No Money (Buy You Love)
As If Tomorrow Will Never Come (Katrina & The New Wave)
Birkenhead Garbage Pickers
Blue Water Blues
Brown Eyed Son (The Waves)
Cry For Me
Dancing Street
Deeper Than Sin
Do You Want Crying
Don't Take Her Out Of My World
Game Of Love
Go Love Someone Else
Going Down To Liverpool
Hey, War Pig! (The Waves)
Honey Lamb
I Can't Stand Myself (Whenever You're Near Me)
I Caught The Milktrain (He Took The Deux Cheveaux)
I Live On Love
I Really Taught Me To Watusi
I'll Do Anything
Is That It?
Legalise Marijuana
Love Calculator
Love Shine A Light
Love That Boy
Lovely Lindsey
Machine Gun Smith
Maniac House
Money Chain
Mr. Star
Pet The Tiger
Plastic Man
Positive Angel
Que te quiero
Red Wine And Whisky
Riding Shotgun
Rock'n'Roll Girl
She Loves To Groove (The Waves)
Skid Trash
Sleep On My Pillow
Stop Trying To Prove (How Much Of A Man You Is)
Sun Street
Tears For Me
Tears Of A Woman
That's The Way
The Nightmare (The Waves)
The Street Where You Live
The Sun Won't Shine
Tin Horse
Walk On Water
Walking On Sunshine
Walking On Sunshine (Katrina And The Waves feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)
Walking On Sunshine (Take Me To Rio Collective feat. Katrina & The Waves)
Walking Where The Roses Grow
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Katrina And The Waves With Eric Burdon)
What If My Love?
White Room
Break Of Hearts
Katrina And The Waves
Pet The Tiger
Premium Gold Collection (Katrina & The Waves)
Walk On Water
Walking On Sunshine
27 Forever
A Day In The Life (Eric Burdon & War)
A Girl Named Sandoz (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Ain't That So (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
All I Do (The Eric Burdon Band)
All Is One (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
American Dreams
Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II
Anything (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
As The Years Go Passing By (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Atom-Most Fear
Baby What's Wrong
Bare Back Ride (Eric Burdon And War)
Be My Baby
Beautiful New Born Child (Eric Burdon And War feat. Sharon Scott & The Beautiful New Born Children Of Southern California)
Before You Accuse Me
Bird On The Beach
Black And White World
Black Bird (Eric Burdon And War)
Black On Black In Black (Eric Burdon And War)
Blues For Memphis Slim (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: a. Birth (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: b. Mother Earth - Part2 (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: c. Mr. Charlie (Eric Burdon & War)
Blues For Memphis Slim: d. Danish Party (Eric Burdon & War)
Bo Diddley Special
Brand New Day
Broken Records
Can't Kill The Boogieman
Circuit Rider
City Boy (The Eric Burdon Band)
Closer To The Truth (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Coloured Rain (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Coming For Your Love
Como Se Llama Mama
Corinna, Corinna (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Crawling King Snake
Cry To Me
Darkness Darkness
Dedication (Eric Burdon & War)
Devil And Jesus
Devil Run
Devil Slide
Devil's Daughter
Dey Won't
Do You Feel It
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
Don't Give A Damn (Mask Mask)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (The Eric Burdon Band)
Don't Shoot Me
Don't You Feel It
Dragon Lady
Driftin'/Geronimo's Last Stand
Factory Girl
Famous Flames
Feeling Blue
Female Terrorist
First Sight
For What It's Worth (Carl Carlton And The Songdogs feat. Max Buskohl and Eric Burdon)
Forty Days And Forty Nights
Forty-Four Blues
Funky Fever (The Eric Burdon Band)
Gemini (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Ghetto Child
Going Back To Memphis
Going Down Slow (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Good Down Slow (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Good Times (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Good Times '88
Gospel Singer
Gotta Get It Out (The Eric Burdon Band)
Gotta Serve Somebody
Gratefully Dead (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Gun (Eric Burdon And War)
Have Mercy Judge (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Headin' For Home (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Heart Attack
Heartbreak Hotel (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Help Me Girl
Help Me Girl (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Hey Gyp (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Highway 62
Highway Dealer
Highway Mover
Hollywood Woman
Home Cookin' (Eric Burdon And War)
Home Dream (Eric Burdon & War)
Home Dream (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Hook Of Holland
Hotel Hell (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I Don't Live Today
I Don't Mind
I Have A Dream (Eric Burdon & War)
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I Used To Be An Animal
I Was Born To Live The Blues
I Will Be With You Again
I'm A Wicked Man
I'm An Animal (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I'm Crying
I'm Dying, Or Am I? (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I'm Lookin' Up (The Eric Burdon Band)
I'm Looking Up (The Eric Burdon Band)
I'm Ready
I'm Your Man
In The Ground
In The Night (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Inside Looking Out
Invitation To The White House
Is There Another World
It Hurts Me Too
It's All Meat (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
It's Been A Long Time Comin' (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
It's My Life (The Eric Burdon Band)
It's Not Easy (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
It's Too Late
I've Been Driftin' / Once Upon A Time (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
I've Been Drifting - Once Upon A Time (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Jailhouse Rock (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Jamie's Last Ride
Jim Crow
Jimbo (Eric Burdon And War)
Just The Thought (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Kingsize Jones
Laurel And Hardy (Eric Burdon And War)
Leo's Place
Letter From The Country Farm (The Eric Burdon Band)
Lights Out
Little Queenie
Living In Fear
Losin' Control (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Love Is All Around (Eric Burdon & War)
Love is for all Time
Madman (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Magic Mountain (Eric Burdon & War)
Mama Told Me Not To Come (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Man (The Eric Burdon Band)
Man - Woman (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Medicine Man
Memorial Day
Memories Of Anna
Mercy's Hand
Mind Arc
Monterey (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Motorcycle Girl
My Secret Life
Never Give Up Blues
New Orleans Rap
New York 1963 - America 1968 (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Nights In White Satin (Eric Burdon And War)
No Man's Land (The Blue & The Grey)
No More Elmore
No More War
No Self Pity (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Nuts, Seeds And Life (Eric Burdon And War)
Old Habits Die Hard
On The Horizon
Once Upon A Time
Orange And Red Reams (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Out Of Nowhere (Eric Burdon And War)
Over The Border
P.O. Box 500
Paint It Black (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Paint It Black (Eric Burdon And War)
Pintelo Nego (Paint It Black - Part 2) (Eric Burdon And War)
Poem By The Sea (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Portrait Of A Soldier
Power Company
Pretty Colors (Eric Burdon And War)
Rainbow (The Eric Burdon Band)
Rat Race
Red Cross Store
Ride On
Ring Of Fire (Eric Burdon And The Animals)
Ring Of Fire (The Eric Burdon Band)
River Deep, Mountain High (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
River Is Rising
River Of Blood
Roadhouse Blues
Rock And Roll Shoes
Roll On Kirk (Eric Burdon & War)
Room With A View (Eric Burdon / Paul Shaffer)
Run For Your Life
S.P.C. 3 (Eric Burdon And War)
San Franciscan Nights (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
See See Rider (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Serenade To A Sweet Lady (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
She Stole My Heart Away
Sixteen Tons
Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Slow Moving Train
So Much Love
Soledad (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Soul Of A Man
Spill The Wine (Eric Burdon & War)
Spirit (Eric Burdon And War)
St. James Infirmary (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Steam Roller (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Stop (The Eric Burdon Band)
Stop What You're Doing
Sun Secret (The Eric Burdon Band)
Sun/Moon (Eric Burdon And War)
Sweet Blood Call
Take It Easy
That Ain't Where It's At (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Biggest Bundle Of Them All (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Bird And The Squirrel (Eric Burdon And War)
The Black Plague (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Dream
The House Of The Rising Sun
The Immigrant Lad (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Kid
The Last Drive
The Last Poet
The Law Must Change (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
The Laws Must Change (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
The Night
The Other Side Of This Life (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Real Me (The Eric Burdon Band)
The Road
The Royal Canal
The Rubbing Out Of Long Hair
The Secret
The Time Has Come (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
The Vision Of Rassan (Eric Burdon & War)
The Way It Should Be (The Eric Burdon Band)
They Can't Take Away Our Music (Eric Burdon And War)
Third Stone From The Sun/The Story Of Life
This Side Of Goodbye (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
To Love Somebody (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Tobacco Road (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Tobacco Road (Eric Burdon & War)
Tobacco Road
Tomb Of The Unknown Singer
Too Late
True Love (Comes Only Once In A Lifetime) (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Tryin' To Get You
Uppers And Downers (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Wait 'Till Next Year (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Wall Of Silence
War Child (The Eric Burdon Band)
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Katrina And The Waves With Eric Burdon)
We Love You Lil (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
When I Was Young (The Eric Burdon Band)
When I Was Young (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
When We Were A Gang
White Houses (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
White Houses
Who Gives A F--k
Wicked Man
Winds Of Change (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Woman Of The Rings
Woman's Touch
Work Song (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Year Of The Guru (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Yes Indeed, Yeah
Yes, I Am Experienced (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
You Can't Kill My Spirit
You Got Me Floating
Young Girls
You're No Stranger (Eric Burdon & War)
30 Años De Música Rock - Salvat
American Dreams (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
At His Best
Athens Traffic Live
Best Of
Best Of Eric Burdon & War (Eric Burdon & War)
Darkness Darkness
Devil's Daughter
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Very Best Of
Early Days (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Eric Burdon
Eric Burdon & The Animals [1982] (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Eric Burdon [1974]
Eric Burdon And The Animals (Eric Burdon And The Animals)
Eric Burdon And The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Eric Burdon Band
Eric Burdon Declares War (Eric Burdon & War)
Eric Is Here (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Every One Of Us (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Golden Greats
Good Times - The Very Best Of Eric Burdon & The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits [1989]
Guilty! (Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon)
Historia De La Musica Rock 14
House Of The Rising Sun
House Of The Rising Sun (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
I Used To Be An Animal
In Concert - Recorded Live 1974
In Gold
Inside Out (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Last Drive
Live 17th October 1974
Live At The Roxy
Live in Seattle 2002
Lost Within The Halls Of Fame
Love Is (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Love Is All Around (Eric Burdon & War)
Mad Man
My Secret Life
Nightwinds Dying
Once Upon A Time (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Pop Giants, Vol. 25 (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Pop Heroes
Power Company
Profile (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Rare Masters
Roadrunners! (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
Rock Sensation
Soul Of A Man
Startrack Vol. 3
Stop (The Eric Burdon Band)
Sun Secrets (The Eric Burdon Band)
That's Live
The Best Of Eric Burdon
The Best Of Eric Burdon And The Animals Vol. II (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Black-Man's Burdon (Eric Burdon And War)
The Greatest Hits Of Eric Burdon And The Animals (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Hits
The Magic Collection
The Masters
The Story Of Eric Burdon
The Twain Shall Meet (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Very Best Of (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
'Til Your River Runs Dry
Tobacco Road (Eric Burdon & War)
Wall Of Silence
Wild & Wicked
Winds Of Change (Eric Burdon & The Animals)
The Animals And Beyond
The Lost Broadcasts
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