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2:37Theme From The Persuaders!CBS
S 64816
2:41Great TV & Film Hits Of John BarryColumbia
467956 2
2:31The Best Of James Bond - 30th Anniversary CollectionEMI
798413 2
2:31The Best Of Bond... James Bond [1999]Capitol
2:35The Best Of Bond... James Bond [2002]Capitol
2:35The Best Of Bond... James Bond [2008]Capitol
2:35The Best Of Bond... James Bond [2008] [Special 40th Anniversary Edition]Capitol
2:35Best Of Bond... James Bond - 50th Anniversary Collection [50 Years - 50 Tracks]Capitol
2:36Best Of Bond... James Bond - 50th Anniversary Collection [50th Anniversary Collection]Capitol
2:42The Real... John Barry - The Ultimate CollectionLegacy
2:34The Best Of Bond... James Bond [2021]Polystar
John BarryJohn Barry: Discographie / Fan werden
007 (John Barry Orchestra)
007 [From Russia With Love] (John Barry Orchestra)
007 Takes The Lektor
A Handful Of Songs
A Man Alone (John Barry And His Orchestra)
A Matter Of Who (The John Barry Seven Plus Four)
A View To A Kill
All Time High
Alone On The Farm
Alpine Drive/Auric's Factory
And How To Get It
As You Like It (Adam Faith with John Barry and his Orchestra)
Autobahn March
Barbra's Theme (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Battle At Piz Gloria
Baubles, Bangles And Beads (From Kismet)
Beat For Beatniks (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Beat Girl (The John Barry Seven and Orchestra)
Beddy-Bye For Howard
Bee's Knees (The John Barry Seven and Bob Miller And The Millermen)
Bee's Knees (The John Barry Seven)
Big Fella (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Big Guitar (The John Barry Seven)
Black Stockings (John Barry Seven)
Blofeld's Plot
Blueberry Hill (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Blues And Out
Bobsled Chase
Body Heat
Bond And Draco
Bond Back In Action Again
Bond Below Disco Volante
Bond Meets Domino / Shark Tank / Lights Out For Paula / For King And Country
Bond Meets Tania
Bond Meets The Girls
Bond Settles In
Bond Smells A Rat (John Barry Orchestra)
Cable Car And Snake Fight (John Barry Orchestra)
Cafe Martinique
Chaplin - Main Theme / Smile
Chateau Flight
Chew Mee In Grisly Land
Christella (The John Barry Seven)
Coney Island
Cry, Cry The Beloved Country
Cutty Sark (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
Dances With Wolves
Dark Overlord
Dark Rider (The John Barry Seven Plus Four)
Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
Death Of Fiona
Death Of Grant
Death Of Karim
Diamonds Are Forever
Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown? (John Barry / Nina)
Donna's Theme
Doors & Bikes And Things
Down Deep Inside
Dusk At Piz Gloria
Dutchman (John Barry Orchestra)
End Title (You Are Karen)
End Title [The Scarlet Letter]
Escape From Piz Gloria
Every Which Way (The John Barry Seven)
Farewell And End Title
Farrago (The John Barry Seven)
Finding The Plane / Underwater Ballet / Bond With Spectre Frogmen / Leiter To The Rescue / Bond Joins Underwater Battle
Flight Over Africa
Florida Fantasy (John Barry Orchestra)
Follow Me!
For Pete's Sake (The John Barry Seven)
From Russia With Love (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
Fun City (John Barry Orchestra)
Gassing The Gangsters
Get Lost Jack Frost (The John Barry Seven)
Getting The Bullet
Girl Trouble
Give Me A Smile
Good Rockin' Tonight (The John Barry Seven and Bob Miller And The Millermen)
Goodnight Goodnight
Guitar Lament
Gumbold's Safe
Gunbarrel / Traction Table / Gassing The Plane / Car Chase
Gypsy Camp
Have You Got A Story For Me?
Have You Heard Of A Man Called Jones? - End Theme
He Knows The Way Out!
Hercules Takes Off
Here Comes Nancy Now!
Hideaway (The John Barry Seven)
Hip's Trip (John Barry Orchestra)
Hit And Miss (John Barry Seven)
How About That! (Adam Faith With John Barry And His Orchestra)
I Had A Compass From Denys (Karen's Theme II)
Ice Chase
If I Know A Song Of Africa (Karen's Theme III)
I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
I'm Better At Hello (Karen's Theme)
I'm Movin' On (The John Barry Seven Plus Four)
In Search Of Scaramanga's Island
Indecent Proposal (John Barry & The City Of Prague Symphony Orchestra)
Indien ik je dragen kon & Chaplin Theme (Marc Brillouet & John Barry)
Inflight Fight
Into Miami (John Barry Orchestra)
Into Vienna
Iron Horse
It Doesn't Matter Any More
James Bond Is Back
James Bond With Bongos
Johnny Comes Marching Home (Adam Faith With John Barry & His Orchestra)
Journey To Blofeld's Hideaway
Journey To Draco's Hideaway
Journey To Earth
Journey To Fort Sedgewick
Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground
Kara Meets Bond
Karen's Journey / Siyawe
Kicking Bird's Gift
King Rat (John Barry Orchestra)
King Rat March
Koskov Escapes
Kung Fu Fight
Leila Dances
Let The Rest Of The World Go By
Let's Go Get 'Em
Let's Have A Wonderful Time
Like Waltz
Lindon Home Rock
Lion In Winter (John Barry Orchestra)
Little John (The John Barry Seven)
Long John (The John Barry Seven)
Lost Patrol (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
Lullaby Of Duckland
Mab Mab (The John Barry Seven)
Made You (Adam Faith With John Barry & His Orchestra)
Main Theme - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Main Title - Looks Like A Suicide
Main Title (I Had A Farm In Africa)
Main Title Theme
Man From Madrid
Man Overboard - Smersh In Action
March Of The Mandarins (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
Mary, Queen Of Scots
Meeting In St. Sophia
Midnight Cowboy (John Barry Orchestra)
Moody River
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Mujahadin And Opium
My Life
Necros Attacks
Never Let Go (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Night Walk In Berlin
Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
Oktober - Walk From The River
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (John Barry Orchestra)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Onward Christian Spacemen (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
Opening Titles (Medley) (John Barry Orchestra)
Oublie ça (John Barry & His Orchestra)
Over And Out
Pancho (The John Barry Seven)
Pawnee Attack
Photo Strip
Quiller And The Bomb
Quiller Caught - The Fight
Rebel Rouser (The John Barry Seven)
Rescue Of Dances With Wolves
Return To Scaramanga's Fun House
Return To The Sea - 2033 A. D.
Ride To Fort Hays
Rock-A-Billy Boogie (John Barry And The Seven)
Rockin' Already (The John Barry Seven)
Rodeo (The John Barry Seven)
Satin Smooth (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Saturday's Child (The John Barry Seven)
Scaramanga's Fun House
Seance On A Wet Afternoon (John Barry & His Orchestra)
Search For Vulcan
Seven Faces (John Barry Seven)
Sir Hilary's Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays?)
Ski Chase
Skid Row (The John Barry Seven)
Sleep Well My Darling
Smokey Joe
Snap 'n' Whistle (The John Barry Seven)
Snow Job (John Barry Orchestra)
Something's Up
Somewhere In Time
Space March (Capsule In Space) (John Barry Orchestra)
Spanish Harlem
Spectre Island
Stands With A Fist Remembers
Street Chase
Sweet Talk
Switching The Body
Tania Meets Kleb
Teasing The Korean
The Aggressor (John Barry And His Orchestra)
The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down
The Barrel Organ
The Blacksmith Blues (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
The Bomb
The Buffalo Hunt
The Challenge
The Chase
The Chase Bomb Theme (John Barry Orchestra)
The City 2000 A.D.
The Cotton Club
The Danny Scipio Theme
The Death Of Cisco
The Death Of Goldfinger
The Death Of Timmons
The Game Of Death
The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair
The Golden Horn
The Human Jungle (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
The Immediate Pleasure
The Ipcress File
The James Bond Theme
The James Bond Theme (John Barry Orchestra)
The John Dunbar Theme
The Knack
The Laser Beam (John Barry Orchestra)
The Living Daylights (John Barry Orchestra)
The Lolly Theme (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
The Loss Of The Journal And The Return To Winter Camp
The Love Scene - The Old House
The Love Theme
The Magnificent Seven (The John Barry Seven)
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Menace (John Barry And His Orchestra)
The More Things Change
The Off Beat
The Party's Over (From The Film Of The Same Name) (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
The Ride To Sherwood
The Sniper Was A Woman
The Spa
The Specialist
The Stripper
The Syndicate
The Whisperers (John Barry Orchestra)
The Wrong Box (John Barry Orchestra)
Theme From "Born Free"
Theme From "Chaplin"
Theme From "The Persuaders"
Theme From "The Quiller Memorandum" - Wednesday's Child
Theme From Romance For Guitar And Orchestra (John Barry Orchestra)
Theme From 'Seance On A Wet Afternoon' (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Theme From The Appointment (John Barry Orchestra)
Theme From The Deep
There's Life In The Old Boy Yet
This Is How You Dance
This Never Happened To The Other Feller
Three Little Fishes (John Barry And The Seven)
Three On A Bed
Time Out
Try (John Barry Orchestra)
Twangin' Cheek (The John Barry Seven And Orchestra)
Twelfth Street Rag (The John Barry Seven)
Twenty Four Hours Ago (John Barry Seven)
Twist It (The John Barry Seven)
Two Socks - The Wolf Theme
Two Socks At Play
Ultralight Flight
Underwater Mayhem / Death Of Largo / End Titles
Until September
Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu) (John Barry And His Orchestra)
Voor een dag van morgen & I'm Not The Man I Seem (Marc Brillouet & John Barry)
Walk Don't Run (John Barry Seven)
Watch Your Step (The John Barry Seven)
We Have All The Time In The World
We Have All The Time In The World - James Bond Theme
What A Question
When The Saints Go Marching In (John Barry Seven)
Who Will Buy My Yesterdays (John Barry Orchestra)
With Open Arms (Adam Faith with John Barry and his Orchestra)
You Only Live Twice (John Barry Orchestra)
You're The Duckiest
You've Gotta Way (The John Barry Seven)
Zip Zip (John Barry And The Seven)
A View To A Kill (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Adam Faith (Adam Faith With John Barry And His Orchestra)
Born Free (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Dances With Wolves (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Deadfall (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Diamonds Are Forever (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Drumbeat (The John Barry Seven)
Elizabeth Taylor In London - Sophia Loren In Rome (Soundtrack / John Barry)
From Russia With Love (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Goldfinger (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Great Movie Sounds Of John Barry
Great Movie Themes
Great TV & Film Hits Of John Barry
John Barry Plays 007 And Other '60s Themes For Film And Television
King Kong (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Lounge Legends
Moonraker (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Octopussy (Soundtrack / John Barry)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Raise The Titanic - The Complete Film Score (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Robin And Marian (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Soundtracks And Singles 1963-1966
Starcrash (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Bee's Knees - The EMI Years 1957-1964
The Beyondness Of Things
The Deep (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Essential Early Recordings
The Ipcress File (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Knack ...And How To Get It (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Last Valley (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Lion In Winter (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Man With The Golden Gun (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Music Of John Barry
The Quiller Memorandum (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Real... John Barry - The Ultimate Collection
The Specialist (Soundtrack / John Barry)
The Very Best Of
The Whisperers (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Theme From The Persuaders!
Thunderball (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Two Classic Albums Plus Singles 1957-1962
You Only Live Twice (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Zulu (Soundtrack / John Barry)
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.41 (Reviews: 29)
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007....1970....... # 103 in Billboard USA Hitparade...
aus dem gleichnamigen Bond-Streifen, gut
als 007 Thema genial, sonst nichts Besonders
Diese Version ist gut gemacht! Ein Klassiker von den Bond-Filmen.
hehe.. das Theme ist besser als der Film ;-)
Gute Vier.
Starke Melodie...aber....Man höre sich an, was die Proppellerheads geniales daraus gemacht haben...
Ein eindringliches Instrumentalwerk, das es zurecht auf die Trackliste der Jubiläumscompilation "The Best Of Bond ... James Bond" geschafft hat. Als Untermalung zum im Berner Oberland spielenden Kampf des schottenrockbestückten Agenten gegen den biochemisch aktiven Blofeld passt das Stück optimal. Obwohl - oder "gerade weil" - das vorliegende Orchestralfragment stets im Schatten des ebenfalls auf dem "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"-Soundtrack befindlichen "We Have All The Time In The World" stand, ist eine ausdrückliche Würdigung angebracht.
Leider bis zum heutigen Tage der letzte Instrumentaltitel, der das Titellied darstellt... Der Film verdient knappe 5 Sterne!
...sehr gut...
Das flotte Instrumentalstück ist im Stile diverser Titelsongs von europäischen Abenteuer- und Krimiproduktionen gehalten, wobei es John Barry als kundigem Meister seines Fachs und Produzent Phil Ramone, der sich später auch als bewanderter Manilow-Produzent hervortun sollte, gelingt, ein bis heute äusserst packend und verspielt anmutendes, ausserordentlich gelungenes Werk zu kreieren. Insbesondere die Xylophon-Spielereien haben es mir angetan. Für mich ein heisser Kandidat für die haarscharf an der Höchstwertung vorbeigeschrammte 5. Sehr gut!
Von mir gibts dafür nur eine 3++, weil nichts wirklich neu daran ist...
nicht so eingängig wie die "James Bond Melodie"
Passt gut als Hintergrund-Filmmusik, aber in der zweiten Hälfte wird der Titel ein bisschen langweilig.
Die gesungenen Bond-Songs sind zwar beeindruckender, aber hier ein tolles Instrumental. 5 Punkte!
Respektables Instrumental zu einem der legendärsten Bond-Streifen.
Vollauf einig mit goodold70 & staetz: Grossartiges Instrumental von John Barry, unerreicht sowohl im Titelabspann (zusammen mit Dr. No der einzige Bond-Titel als Opener, welcher instrumental und ohne Gesang war), als auch v.a. während dem Action-Highlight: Die Ski-Verfolgungsjagd am Piz "Schilthorn" Gloria wurde in keinem Bond mit Ski-Szenen je wieder so pulsierend getroffen wie hier.
Auch ohne die entsprechende Filmsequenz auf jeden Fall ok.
ein ordentlich kreierter Instrumentaltitel aus Ende der 60er, 4*…
Schöner Instrumental-Song - kommt aber nicht an das Original-Instrumental ran und die gesungenen Titel gefallen mir ohnehin besser, von dem her ist eine 4 wirklich das Maximum.
6+ allein der Einsatz des Synthesizers ist der schiere Wahnsinn.<br><br>(ähnlich setzte Jerry Goldsmith ihn ab den späten 70ern in diversen Stücken, vor allen denen von Damnation Alley ein)<br><br>So muß gute orchestrale Filmmusik klingen zB.
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