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7" Single
Mercury 888 763-7

7" Single Mercury 888 763-7
1. Paper In Fire
2. Never Too Old

3:53The Lonesome JubileeMercury
832 465-1
3:53Paper In FireMercury
888 763-7
7" Single
3:52Words & Music - Greatest HitsIsland Def Jam
06024 9863556
06025 3759641
06007 5359808
John Cougar MellencampJohn Cougar Mellencamp: Discographie / Fan werden
A Brand New Song (John Mellencamp)
A Graceful Fall (John Mellencamp)
A Little Night Dancin' (John Cougar)
A Ride Back Home (John Mellencamp)
Again Tonight (John Mellencamp)
Ain't Even Done With The Night
Alley Of The Angels (John Cougar)
American Dream (John Cougar)
American Fool (John Cougar)
American Son (John Cougar)
Another Sunny Day 12/25 (John Mellencamp)
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (John Mellencamp)
Authority Song
Baby, Please Don't Go (John Mellencamp)
Baltimore Oriole (John Mellencamp)
Beige To Beige (John Mellencamp)
Between A Laugh And A Tear
Big Daddy Of Them All
Blue Charlotte (John Mellencamp)
Blues From The Front Porch (John Mellencamp)
Born Reckless (John Cougar)
Break Me Off Some (John Mellencamp)
Brothers (John Mellencamp)
Can You Take It (John Cougar)
Case 795 (The Family) (John Mellencamp)
Chance Meeting At The Tarantula (John Mellencamp)
Cheap Shot (John Cougar)
Check It Out
Cherry Bomb
Chestnut Street (John Cougar)
Chestnut Street Revisited (John Cougar)
China Girl (John Cougar)
Circling Around The Moon (John Mellencamp)
Close Enough (John Cougar)
Clumsy Ol' World (John Mellencamp)
Coming Down The Road (John Mellencamp)
Country Gentleman
County Fair (John Mellencamp)
Crazy Island (John Mellencamp)
Crazy Ones (John Mellencamp)
Crumblin' Down
Cry Baby
Cuttin' Heads (John Mellencamp)
Dance Naked (John Mellencamp)
Danger List (John Cougar)
Dark As A Dungeon (John Mellencamp)
Days Of Farewell (John Mellencamp)
Death Letter (John Mellencamp)
Deep Blue Heart (John Mellencamp)
Diamond Joe (John Mellencamp)
Do You Believe In Magic (John Cougar)
Do You Think That's Fair (John Cougar)
Don't Forget About Me (John Mellencamp)
Don't Misunderstand Me
Don't Need This Body (John Mellencamp)
Down And Out In Paradise
Down In The Bottom (John Mellencamp)
Dream Killing Town (John Cougar)
Each Day Of Sorrow (John Mellencamp)
Easter Eve (John Mellencamp)
Easy Target (Mellencamp)
Eden Is Burning (John Mellencamp)
Emotional Love (John Mellencamp)
Empty Hands
Eyes On The Prize (John Mellencamp)
Factory (John Cougar)
Farewell Angelina (John Mellencamp)
For The Children (John Mellencamp)
Forgiveness (John Mellencamp)
Freedom Of Speech (John Mellencamp)
Freedom's Road (John Mellencamp)
French Shoes (John Mellencamp)
Fruit Trader (John Mellencamp)
Gambling Bar Room Blues (John Mellencamp)
Gearhead (John Cougar)
Get A Leg Up (John Mellencamp)
Ghost Towns Along The Highway (John Mellencamp)
Golden Gates
Good Girl (John Cougar)
Goodnight (John Cougar)
Grandma's Theme
Great Mid-West (John Cougar)
Hand To Hold On To (John Cougar)
Hard Times For An Honest Man
Heaven Is A Lonely Place (John Mellencamp)
High C Cherrie (John Cougar)
Hot Night In A Cold Town
Hotdogs And Hamburgers
Human Wheels (John Mellencamp)
Hurts So Good (John Cougar)
I Ain't Ever Satisfied (John Mellencamp)
I Couldn't Believe It Was True (Willie Nelson & John Mellencamp)
I Don't Know Why I Love You (John Mellencamp)
I Need A Lover (John Cougar)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
If I Die Sudden (John Mellencamp)
I'm Not Running Anymore (John Mellencamp)
In My Time Of Dying (John Mellencamp)
In Our Lives (John Mellencamp)
It All Comes True (John Mellencamp)
It Don't Scare Me None (John Mellencamp)
J.M.'s Question
Jack & Diane (John Cougar)
Jackamo Road (John Mellencamp)
Jackie Brown
Jackie O
Jailhouse Rock (John Mellencamp)
Jailhouse Rock (John Cougar)
Jena (John Mellencamp)
Jerry (John Mellencamp)
Jim Crow (John Mellencamp)
John Cockers (John Mellencamp)
John The Revelator (John Mellencamp)
Johnny Hart (John Mellencamp)
Joliet Bound (John Mellencamp)
Junior (John Mellencamp)
Just Another Day (John Mellencamp)
Just Like You (John Mellencamp)
Justice And Independence
Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) (John Mellencamp)
Kid Inside (John Cougar)
L.U.V. (John Mellencamp)
Lafayette (John Mellencamp)
Large World Turning (John Mellencamp)
Last Chance (John Mellencamp)
Latest Game (John Mellencamp)
Lawless Times (John Mellencamp)
Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
Let Them Run Your Lives (John Cougar)
Life Is Hard (John Mellencamp)
Life's A River (Mick Ronson With John Mellencamp & Sham Morris)
Like A Rolling Stone
Lonely Ol' Night
Longest Days (John Mellencamp)
Love And Happiness (John Mellencamp)
Love At First Sight (John Mellencamp)
Lovin' Mother Fo Ya
Make Me Feel
Mansions In Heaven
Martha Say
Mean (John Mellencamp)
Melting Pot (John Mellencamp)
Miami (John Cougar)
Minutes To Memories
Miss Missy (John Mellencamp)
Mobile Blue (John Mellencamp)
Mr. Bellows (John Mellencamp)
My Aeroplane (John Mellencamp)
My Sweet Love (John Mellencamp)
Never Too Old
Night Slumming (John Cougar)
No Better Than This (John Mellencamp)
No One Cares About Me (John Mellencamp)
Nothing's For Free (John Mellencamp)
Now More Than Ever (John Mellencamp)
Oh, Pretty Woman (John Cougar)
Our Country (John Mellencamp)
Overture [Mr, Happy Go Lucky] (John Mellencamp)
Paper In Fire
Peaceful World (John Mellencamp)
Peaceful World (John Mellencamp & India.Arie)
Peppermint Twist
Pink Houses
Play Guitar
Pop Singer
Positively Crazy (John Mellencamp)
Pray For Me (John Cougar)
Pretty Ballerina
R. Gang (John Cougar)
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.
Rain On The Scarecrow
Rave On
Right Behind Me (John Mellencamp)
Rodeo Clown
Rooty Toot Toot
Rural Route (John Mellencamp)
Sad Lady (John Cougar)
Save Some Time To Dream (John Mellencamp)
Serious Business
Seventh Son (John Mellencamp)
Shama Lama Ding Dong
Shy (John Mellencamp)
Sidewalks And Streetlights (John Cougar)
Small Paradise (John Cougar)
Small Town
Someday (John Mellencamp)
Sometimes A Great Notion
Sometimes There's God (John Mellencamp)
Stones In My Passway (John Mellencamp)
Sugar Marie (John Cougar)
Summer Of Love (John Mellencamp)
Supergirl (John Cougar)
Survive (John Cougar)
Suzanne And The Jewels (John Mellencamp)
Sweet Evening Breeze (John Mellencamp)
Take HomePay (John Mellencamp)
Take What You Want (John Cougar)
Taxi Dancer (John Cougar)
Teardrops Will Fall (John Mellencamp)
Tears In Vain (John Mellencamp)
Thank You (John Mellencamp)
The Americans (John Mellencamp)
The Big Jack (John Mellencamp)
The Brass Ring (John Mellencamp)
The Breakout (John Mellencamp)
The Company Of Cowards (John Mellencamp)
The Courtesy Of Kings (John Mellencamp)
The End Of The World (John Mellencamp)
The Face Of The Nation
The Full Catastrophe (John Mellencamp)
The Isolation Of Mister (John Mellencamp)
The Kind Of Fella I Am
The Man Who Sold The World (John Cougar)
The Real Life
The Same Way I Do (John Mellencamp)
The West End (John Mellencamp)
The Whore (John Cougar)
Them Double Blues (John Mellencamp)
Theo And Weird Henry
They Are So Tough
They're So Tough (John Mellencamp)
Thinking About You (John Mellencamp)
This May Not Be The End Of The World (John Mellencamp)
This Time
Thundering Hearts (John Cougar)
To Live
To M.G. (Wherever She May Be)
To The River (John Mellencamp)
To Washington (John Mellencamp)
Too Much To Think About (John Mellencamp)
Too Young To Live (John Cougar)
Troubled Land (John Mellencamp)
Troubled Man (John Mellencamp)
Truth (John Mellencamp with Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz)
Twentieth Century Fox (John Cougar)
Under The Boardwalk
Void In My Heart
Walk Tall (John Mellencamp)
Warmer Place To Sleep
We Are The People
Weakest Moments (John Cougar)
Welcome To Chinatown (John Cougar)
What If I Came Knocking (John Mellencamp)
What Say You (Travis Tritt with John Mellencamp)
When Jesus Left Birmingham (John Mellencamp)
When Margaret Comes To Town (John Mellencamp)
Whenever We Wanted (John Mellencamp)
Where The Sidewalk Ends (John Cougar)
Where The World Began (John Mellencamp)
Wild Angel
Wild Night (John Mellencamp with Me'shell N'degéocello)
Without A Shot (John Mellencamp)
Without Expression (John Mellencamp)
Women Seem (John Mellencamp)
Worn Out Nervous Condition (John Mellencamp)
Wreck Of The Old 97 (John Mellencamp)
Young Genocides (John Cougar)
Young Without Lovers (John Mellencamp)
Your Life Is Now (John Mellencamp)
Yours Forever (John Mellencamp)
You've Got To Stand For Somethin'
1978-2012 (John Mellencamp)
1982-1989 (John Mellencamp)
A Biography (John Cougar)
American Fool (John Cougar)
Big Daddy
Chestnut Street Incident (John Cougar)
Cuttin' Heads (John Mellencamp)
Dance Naked (John Mellencamp)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Bloomington Indiana 1984
Freedom's Road (John Mellencamp)
Human Wheels (John Mellencamp)
John Cougar (John Cougar)
John Cougar [1990] (John Cougar)
John Mellencamp (John Mellencamp)
John Mellencamp Performs Trouble No More - Live At Town Hall (John Mellencamp)
Life Death Live And Freedom (John Mellencamp)
Life Death Love And Freedom (John Mellencamp)
Mr. Happy Go Lucky (John Mellencamp)
No Better Than This (John Mellencamp)
Nothin' Matters And What If It Did
On The Rural Route 7609 (John Mellencamp)
Other People's Stuff (John Mellencamp)
Plain Spoken (John Mellencamp)
Plain Spoken - From The Chicago Theatre (John Mellencamp)
Rough Harvest (John Mellencamp)
The Best That I Could Do (1978-1988) (John Mellencamp)
The Collection (John Cougar)
The Kid Inside (John Cougar)
The Lonesome Jubilee
Trouble No More (John Mellencamp)
Whenever We Wanted (John Mellencamp)
Words & Music - Greatest Hits (John Mellencamp)
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.42 (Reviews: 33)
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Vieleicht einer seiner beste songs.... war in Oktober 1987 am # 30 in NL.....von sein Album "The Lonesome Jubilee"... es ist fast einer Bruce Springsteen song... und damals war ich fast "In Fire"... (heute auch noch...!!).
Up tempo Rootsrock. Gut.
Sehr guter Opener des "Lonesome Jubilee"-Albums. #9 in den USA 1987. Und es stimmt: Bruce Springsteen lässt grüssen, nicht nur bei diesem Song.
Guter Rocker, solche Sachen wie "Cherry Bomb" gefallen mir halt viel besser.
wie immer fade Kost-stelle mir dabei immer einen Mann mit Halbglatze,Lederjacke und Birkenstock vor,der auf einem Flohmarkt einen Kunden für JCM begeistern möchte und dabei in seiner Mottenkiste rumkrustelt...nicht mein Fall
Furioser Folk-Rock-Song, immer mal wieder eine Aufhellung im Radio-Programm.
Rockt schnurgerade drauflos!
Aus dem tiefen schwarzen Süden...
Durchschnitt mehr nicht
Hat ordentlich Druck, ist gut gespielt (wie immer) und wird auch sicher im Classic-Rock-Radio gespielt. Aber richtig begeistern tut es mich noch nicht. Aber viele Country-Künstler haben sich hier das Ein oder Andere abgeschaut.
guter folk rock titel, von einem künstler , den ich sonst nicht höre. groovt. 4plus! 1987.
Zuletzt editiert: 12.03.2008 10:35
Hat er gut gemacht.
Doesn't do very much. Quite average.
Zu diesem Folkrock-Stück konnte damals ordentlich abgefeiert werden, 4*…<br><br>#86 im September 1987 in UK…
Peaked at #13 in Australia, 1987.
One of those songs that always sounds better in the country rather than the city. 4.5*
Beinahe mein Lieblingstitel aus der LP "The Lonsome Jubilee". Sehr folkrockig ausgefallen, Dank Akkordeoneinsatz. Hatte ich nach der doch sehr Radiorock-orientierten LP "Scarecrow", meiner Lieblingsplatte von John, damals nicht erwartet. Trotzdem einer DER Rockklassiker des Jahres 1987!
Zuletzt editiert: 28.09.2012 17:28
Guter Song von Jon Cougar.
DAS ist Musik. Vielleicht etwas zu laut und schrill produziert (iPod-Equalizer, übernimm du), aber ansonsten astreine 1A-Mucke.
Musik, die ich so nicht mag.
Gefällt mir.<br><br>CDN: #3, 1987<br>USA: #9, 1987
Lead-Single aus "The Lonesome Jubilee". Sehr schön gemachter Hit , der ab Aug 87 bis auf # 9 in den Staaten kletterte.
<br>****<br><br>Sein 8. Top Ten Hit in USA.
Den kennt auch heute noch fast jedes Kind (okay, in der Schweiz wohl nicht unbedingt).....<br><br><br>Ganz knappe 5..
Für mich ist diese Single aus den späten 80er-Jahren "einfach nur Musik". Das Ganze macht einen sehr glatten, konzentrierten Eindruck, eindeutig auf Hit getrimmt - aber musikalisch wenig substanziell. Der Song langweilt mich; ich runde recht harsch ab, weil das so richtig belangloses Gedudel für mich ist.
In meinen Augen hätte es John Mellencamp durchaus verdient, hierzulande auf einer Stufe mit Bruce Springsteen zu stehen. Gute, ehrliche, handgemachte Musik. Passt. 5+
Zuletzt editiert: 11.06.2021 17:51
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